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COFIDES has implemented internal rules for contracting suppliers, which are set out to define, with objective criteria the employed system and levels of responsibility in the procurement of goods, services and works, that affect the quality of their services. Among its goals are the following: To expedite purchasing, outsourcing and expenditure-related decision-making without lowering the standards of rigorous objectivity and transparency that should prevail in this process and to publicise this rigour. To collect the required basic information from each supplier for subsequent selection and approval on the grounds of established parameters, using transparent, equal and objective mechanisms. To ensure that each supplier meets the financial conditions, general resources and the required structure for their certification and selection. Those standards ensure the application of the principles related to advertising, concurrency, transparency, confidentiality, equality and non-discriminatory, and that the contract is awarded to the supplier submitting the most economically favourable bid. Any other information about the COFIDES contractor profile and supplier contracts is available on the Public Sector Contracting Platform.

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